Seasonal Events

Narali Pournima

The full moon day of Shravan month is dedicated to the sea god- Varuna and celebrated in different parts of Maharashtra as ‘Narali Purnima’ or coconut day. The festival marks the beginning of the new fishing season and is held at the end of monsoon season. It has special importance for the fishermen of Malvan. They paint their boats and decorate it with garlands and break coconuts against them as offer it to the sea god, as it is believed to calm the sea.

As per the tradition, the first coconut is offered by the people of the Sindhudurg Fort. In the olden days, a gold-plated coconut was offered, but now a coconut wrapped in golden colored paper is offered. Fire crackers have replaces the ceremonial armed salute. After the fort ritual is over, people offer their coconuts from Jetty.

The coconut breaking contest is held which adds to the fun of the celebration. The contestant who breaks the maximum number of rival coconut become the proud winner of the contest. This festival not only attracts locals but also the tourists.

Ganesh Pooja

Ganesh Chaturthi, which is held in honor of Lord Ganesha, is a very popular festival in Malvan. This festival is also associated with abundant harvest and hence celebrated as a thanksgiving festival which is celebrated for a duration of 2 to 11 days.

This festival has a special significance at Vasanti Nivas and is celebrated for 9 days. The entire family and our guests take a lot of pleasure in participating in this festival, which adds to the fun in celebrating Lord Ganesha’s birthday.

Tulsi Vivah

The ceremonial marriage between the Tulsi Plant and Lord Vishnu is performed at the end of the monsoon season. It also marks the beginning of the wedding season. This festival is celebrated at Vasanti Niwas by decorating the Tulsi Plant as a bride. The puja ceremony resembles a traditional Hindu wedding.