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Chivala Beach

It is beautiful stretch of clean sands and clear waters which border the town of Malvan. The beach is calm, clean and serene.  Chivala Beach is more popular with both locals and tourists, as it is much safer and accessible compared to the other beaches nearby.

Homestay accommodations and hotels dot the surrounding of the beach. “Vasanti Niwas” is one such homestay located close to Chivala Beach, giving tourists a perfect homely experience. It is an ideal spot to laze around and create lasting  memories during your stay with us. From snorkeling to scuba diving to water sports, Chivala beach offers a number of adventure sports for thrill seekers. If you are a relaxed vacationer, you can enjoy the stunning sunrise and sunset, dolphin viewing or watch the fishermen being in their catch from the sea.

(Right opposite to Vasanti Niwas)

Rock Garden

It is a well-maintained and naturally decorated garden and a major tourist attraction.  There are huge rocks surrounding the place and it is very mesmerizing to watch the waves crash over them. A visit to the rock garden is a must if you are visiting Malvan. You can see crabs running around on the rocks and catch a glimpse of the rich marine life. It is a place where you can take some of the best photographs.

(Distance: 300m from Vasanti Niwas)

Jai Ganesh Temple

Shri Jayant Salgaonkar who is a fortune teller and the maker of the “Kal Nirnay” Calendar, built this beautiful temple. It has welcoming elephant images, attractive carvings and marble designs. The idol of Ganesh is made with gold with Riddhi Siddhi alongside him.

(Distance: 400m from Vasanti Niwas)

Sindhudurg Fort

Shivaji personally selected the site for the fort. The construction of a sea fort was a stupendous task, and at Sindhudurg no efforts were spared. Over 4,000 mounds of iron was used for casting and the foundation stones were laid down firmly in lead. Even today, as one approaches the fort past a rocky reef, navigable through a narrow channel, one marvels at the transportation of such heavy material through such choppy waters.

There is a temple dedicated to Shivaji within the premises of the fort, which is one of its kind.  The fort also has the hand and feet imprints of Shivaji on one of its walls. During the course of exploration, three triangular and three grapnel types of stone anchors were noticed at the entrance of the Sindhudurg Fort which were made of locally available sand stones. These anchors can be seen even today, cemented on the platform of a small jetty by the fort, two other grapnel types of stone anchors are used as the mooring stones.

(Distance: 500m from Vasanti Niwas)

Ozar Caves

Swami Brahmanand cave or Ozar cave as it is commonly known as is located at about 5 kms on the Malvan-Achara road in Rewandi village. This calm and serene place is located in the forest and legend says that it leads to Sindhudurg Fort.
The place is called as Ozareshwar as there is a ‘Swayambhu Pindi’ of Lord Shiva in this cave. The cave itself was named after Swami Brahmanand, who came here in the year 1941 and meditated for over 36 years. His Samadhi was built outside the cave and can be seen even today. A fresh water reservoir can also be seen here which remains filled the year around.

(Distance: 4.3 kms from Vasanti Niwas)

Tarkarli Beach

The white sands and the clear waters make Tarkarli a popular tourist destination. It is a great place for enjoying water sports. To the south of this beach are the backwaters of the Karli River which are home to dolphins. This place can be best enjoyed by staying in a houseboat while you enjoy the serene calmness of the palm lined waters.
Parasailing is another such activity which is highly recommended when you visit this place.

(Distance: 4.8 kms from Vasanti Niwas)

Devbagh Beach

Another popular beach with the tourists is Devbagh, which is adjacent to Tarkarli Beach. At the southernmost end, the confluence of Karli River into the Arabian Sea can be seen. Sea Eagles add to the beauty of this place. Water sports such as bumper ride,  jet ski, water scooter, banana/dolphin boat ride, Kayaking and para-sailing are some of the popular water sports here.

(Distance: 13.4 kms from Vasanti Niwas

Bharadi Devi Temple

 Anganewadi is a small hamlet located about 13.3 kms from Vasanti Nivas. The temple of Bharadi Devi (Earth Goddess) which is believed to have self-emerged is a must visit. People revere her as she is considered to be very powerful and a wish-fulfilling goddess.  This ancient temple is a prominent place of Pilgrimage and a main attraction is the grand fair is held between February-March every year. The tradition of the fair is more than 300 years ago.

(Distance: 17 km from Vasanti Niwas)

Rameshwar Temple

Some places have a special historical peculiarities and significances which sets them apart from others, and one such place is Achara. According to legend, this place was a gift to Shri Dev Rameshwar (Lord Shiva) by Chhatrapati Shambhu Raje of Kolhapur. The spectacular architecture of the temple makes it a must visit in Malvan. It is believed that Lord Rameshwar, who is the presiding deity of this temple is always vigilant to the prayers offered to him by his devotees. According to historical references the place dates back to around 1684 AD.

(Distance: 24.7kms from Vasanti Niwas)

Dhamapur Lake

This man-make lake with beautiful scenic hill ranges on both sides is a favorite spot of tourists.  It is an excellent place for bird-watching and the crystal-clear lake and greenery around it is just breathtaking.

It is surrounded by a dense plantation of kokam, mango and coconut trees and is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Maharashtra. Water sports and excursions and boating are a major attraction here. Tourists can book cottages which are constructed on the banks and enjoy the panoramic view of the lake.

(Distance: 20.5 Kms via Kasal)

Kunkeshwar Temple

A small town situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea. Also known as Konkan Kashi, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Kunkeshwar, which is a huge producer of Alphonso mangoes, is built along the sea. Located in the Sindhudurg district, it is around 54 kilometers from Malvan.

According to a legend, a Muslim sailor who was travelling for trade purposes was caught in the rough sea. Seeing a lamp on the beach he prays to it and vows to build a temple if he survives. He miraculously reaches the shore and builds the temple to the existing Lingam to fulfil is vow. But since he was a non-Hindu, he commits suicide from the top of the temple fearing he would not be accepted by his religion.

(Distance: 40km from Vasanti Niwas)